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On Target Marketing is powered by the EverywhereUgo (EWUG) indoor advertising program.  EWUG is a unique program that places display adverting in high traffic areas like, but not limited to, restrooms and other indoor spaces.

EWUG is unique because the vast number of locations are in areas (bathrooms) where the viewer is subject to your advertising piece for an unprecedented 20-30 seconds.  No other advertising medium has that ability to transmit a one-on-one message like that.

Some of the many benefits of EWUG are: direct one-on-one messaging, the ability to give the user time to read and digest your ad, immediate impact as the rest room is usually the last place people go before leaving, frequency and cost effective to blanket an area and the ability to target market or broaden your reach to a vast amount of potential customers. 

EWUG is flexible in the message you would like to deliver.  You can have one ad running in multiple locations or multiple messages in multiple locations.  We can tailor the message and locations to fit changing demographics.

We can produce your ad for a small fee (typically $125.00) or you can send us your ad ready to go (8.5x11) with a quarter of an inch of white space or bleed around the edge.  You will have final approval before we place your ad.          

You can pick locations and we will try to fill as many of those requests as possible.  As we rotate the boards we will be able to hit all the locations you request.

In short, adverting with EWUG and On Target Marking will reach more eyes with more buying power at critical times than any other advertising medium.  Call us today for a free, no obligation quote, 231-421-5101.