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We are located in over 1500+ locations in Northwest Michigan from Big Rapids to the Bridge, from Lake Michigan to I-75.  Chances are if you have to go, you may be reading our ads.

EverywhereUGo is a unique advertising opportunity.  We have your undivided attention at a critical time in your day where you have the time to digest a message like no other media.  No hype, no noise, just the viewer and the message.  No other advertising medium can offer this attention!

We currently post 4-6 times a year giving you the opportunity to move your message around hitting different eyes.  However, due to the uniqueness of the medium, each ad could be seen hundreds of times a day by hundreds of different people.  Besides, eating, drinking and sleeping, we all have to go!

2023 RATES:

All rates are subject to change and are based on frequency, amount purchased and length of contract.  Generally, we can work with any budget.


10 Full Color Display ads             $350.00

20 Full Color Display ads             $500.00

40 Full Color Display ads             $925.00

60 Full Color Display ads             $1320.00

Discounts available for 6-month and 12-month contracts!